Ace economy range of Air & Water quality metersare Compact, Battery Operated, Digital Indications. Useful for spot checking of various parameters such as Temperature, pH, TDS, Conductivity, D.O. & Relative Humidity.

The unit comes in a Hand-Held ABS Enclosure (126mm x 70mm x 24mm) with 3 1/2" Digital LCD and runs on a 9V Dry Battery with a charger option (Lo Battery indication in case the Battery voltage is low). The unit has a front slide switch for ON/OFF and Range selection

Ordering Information

Model No. ACE 10
ACE 20
pH/Redoxmeter Conductivity
ACE 30
TDS Meter/
ACE 40
Pocket D.O. Meter
ACE 50
Pocket RH
Range *-50°C to+ 1200°C
*-200°C to+600°C
0 to 14 pH
0 to 1999 MV
0 to 1999 Ms/Cm 0 to 19.99 PPM 10 to 90% Rh
Resolution 1°C 0.01 pH/1 MV 1 PPM 0.01 PPM 0.1 %
Accuracy ±1% for Thermocouple
±0.25% for RTD
±1% for pH for pH
±5 MV for ORP
±2% Full Scale ±0.2 PPM ±3% Full Scale
Battery Life 15 Hours 15 Hours 15 Hours 15 Hours 6 Hours with Alkaline Battery Charger Option
Max 3 Pin BNC
BNC Connector BNC Connector -
Calibration Dual Point Dual Point Dual Point Dual Point Dual Point
Calibration Standard Master Source Redox 258 MV & 468 MV 1413 MS/CM,
12.88 MS/CM,
111.8 MS/CM
Zero Oxygen Solution / 5 PPM Oxygen Solution Master Source
Temp. Compensation Yes -20°C to+75°C Manual
*-20°C to+75°C Automatic
Manual 0 to 50°C
Automatic 0 to 50°C
Manual 0 to 50°C
Automatic 0 to 50°C
Manual 0 to 50°C
Probe / Electrodes K, S, R, J Type & RTD Needle, Leaf, Prick, Air & Gas Process Gel filled Glass or Expoxy Body Conductivity Cell Galvanic / Polarographic Semi Conductor Sensor
Application Waste Water Application, Aquariums, Swimming Pools, Hydroponics, Boiler Feed water, Drinking Water, Treated Water, Waste Water, Brine Solutions, Stack Gas, Furnace Temperatures, Plastic Mould Temperature etc.

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